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  • Crack prevention
  • Crack filling and repair
  • Pot hole maintenance and repair
seal coating asphalt
  • Road resurfacing and repair
  • Drainage problem repair
  • Protect your pavement

Seal Coating Services in Austin, MN

Has your pavement not lasted as long as you expected?

Asphalt surfaces require upkeep to ensure they last for years. Improper asphalt maintenance can result in cracking, potholes and pooling water. For maintenance on new asphalt or restoration of existing asphalt, Roger and Sons LLC is the company to call. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve learned to approach each project individually, understanding that not all problems respond equally to the same solution. One thing is certain: the sooner you tackle the issue, the less money it will cost.

The protection you need to support your surface’s longevity.

Over time, blacktop can deteriorate due to moisture, petroleum spills, and oxidation caused by UV rays. With quality seal coating by Roger & Sons, your asphalt will be coated with a coal tar membrane that resists harmful elements and provides protection for years to come. A proper water-resistant seal coat leaves behind an attractive, rough surface that provides better traction when wet or icy. Contact Roger & Son’s for all your driveways  needs.

Seal coating has lasting benefits.

Extended Life: By applying a superior-grade pavement coating product to your asphalt surface every 2-4 years, depending on the abuse it takes, we can slow the aging process and make your driveway or parking lot last longer.
Safety: If a visitor or customer suffers an injury or ends up with vehicle damage due to the poor condition of your asphalt, things are going to get very expensive. Driveway sealcoating can help prevent these accidents.
Aesthetics: A well-maintained driveway or parking lot makes a big impression on customers and takes years off the appearance of your home, increasing property value and drawing the attention of potential customers.
Improve the value of your property and the safety of the people who frequent it. Contact the experts at Roger and Sons, LLC for asphalt that will last for year to come.